Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life Comes at you fast & lumberjacks & terrorists!

BB & her brood will be staying the next week or so here until they make their move to galveston. Im sad really. We always have a great time when we get together, so Im not sure why that hasnt been more often. It's easy to lose touch with others, you have to really work at it to keep any sort of relationship alive, even that of family. People come & go so fast in life that if you dont make the time to spend together, before you know it, the time has gone.

There is a lumberjack in my bed! How is it possible for one to snore so loudly that it does not wake them up?
I dont know how I sleep! So on & on, he snores happily away, lost in Dreamland......wonder if I'll be able to get there. Did I tell you about my truck polo dream?
Just on the edge of the bed sits Terrorist Kitty glaring over at me thru barely slitted open blue eyes. Probally half dreaming of extinguishing life on Earth, my bloody demise or maybe just of chasing a string. Either way, he appears vicious. He can be a total sweetheart of a kitty, then rip his razor sharp little claws into some tender body part. Cat's are psycho.


Mark said...

I know what you mean about siblinbgs moving away. Mine moved away last year & I have missed him terribly. I never knew how much I liked him until he was gone.
I saw the piccy of your cat too. Thats some scary shit.HAHAHAHa