Friday, September 28, 2007

Workblogginhg Part 3 & Troll Drivel

So the silly little troll thinks he found a way to air his hateful side without being caught. LMFAo, Ummm. no. You are so sad with your anonymous little comments that sound SOooo much lke you. Your usage of words & your pathetic attempts to throw me off. Nuh-uh. Didn't work. You're still stupid. Get a life, or go back & stick it to your horse faced wife a little harder.
Throwing Biblical quotes at me must have been hard. Must have burned as your hypocritical fingers held open that Bible. Even harder having to use spell check for a change. lol Sorry, Haven't stepped on anyone or actually really even pissed anyone off. Dream on troll, Go jerk off your light saber in the bathroom a little longer. You obviously missed me or you wouldn't keep visiting my blog. As for posting photos, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, get over yourself, I'll post what I like. (rolls eyes) Anyone who wants to read the pathetic comment he left, drop me a line

So back in the world that doesn't contain a troll......fairly quiet day @ work today, nothing like the fireworks of yesterday, funny how things can pile up huh?
Got a lot done already, about 4 committments for title insurance, several note packages, 2 recording packages, signed a gazillion checks, mailed out some insurance policies, & about to order some final title certificates. It's great to be at a job where you're appreciated. Even better to get paid well for it.:-)
Don't you wish you had a real job loser?
If only you could be me! :-)


Marty said...

the guy sounds like a total asshole, I googled him like in your other post & saw a photo. What a dork! He says hes a martial artist?
lol, he looks like my grandma could take him on! Sorry, but I have studied martial Arts for the past 22 years, & he looks like a complete douchebag.