Friday, September 28, 2007

"Hey dragon!", or It's Troll Time w/ Kenzie,' the troll man ' Hannigan

You are a complete moron. Thanks for painting such a perfect picture of yourself & showing everyone what a fucking idiot you are. You just couldn't stay away. You forgot to change your name too. Dragon?
I love it. Also references to things only YOU imagined. Good going dumbass.
Go troll somewhere else.
Mixed with your classic mispellings & references to child abuse, anyone can see who is posting the bullshit. Why don't you go get a life?
What's the matter?
Miss us already?
Been gone too long for you?
No one to take your frustrations out on?
Probally tried to rough up your wife & she whipped your sorry ass.
You also failed to realize I can trace your IP right back to Wichita,kansas, idiot, along with your ISP.
For those of you that don't know who ths troll is. his real name (since hes being such a spineless little coward) is Michael Hannigan from Wichita Kansas. If you live there, you ought to look him up. he works @ the local YMCA. Says hes a trainer there.......
(& before you scream libel, you made every bit of that public knowledge on a public group)
So adieu my trolly little friend, I hope your eenie weenie shrivels up and falls off in your cornflakes, freako!


Chris said...

Michael Hannigan huh?
Funny he used to troll in the Jedi community. I remember him. Sorry hes a thorn in your side too. What a moron . Apparently some things never change.

Icarus said...

hannigan is a homophobic idiot. Not too surprised hes found another group of people to harass. One of these days he'll get caught, he'll piss off the wrong person. Good luck. Oh & if you need some dirt on him, let me know *wink*

Anonymous said...

I need dirt on Hannigan!

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