Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Im a bad bad girl . Things have been crazy. Looks like IM not taking over the CHildrens Circle as planned. WHEW! Im relieved, I didnt realllllly want to, but Id have been glad to do it nonetheless, just too many things on my plate right now. Between work & home & the outside things Ive committed to, Id much rather be a spectator at it than the one who is being spectated. Workblogging right now, quiet in here. Yesterday was HELL. I took monday off cuz I had exploding butt syndrome, like half of town seems to have of late. Its either the flu, upper respiratory or some intestinal bug. I got blessed with the latter. lol
So Tues I was still feeling off, but came to work, had a busting headache alllll day. Had a HUGE pile of work. It almost made me cry. I skipped lunch-not that it hurt me- & busted ass all day & got most of it done, leaving only a small bit for today. Went & got mine & Mom's hair done yesterday, the shampoo alone was worth every penny. It felt soo good. Anyhoo, feeling tons better, actually smiling & laughing today, must be feeling human again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

not real good

at this of late. Soo much going on. Ill try to be a little more diligent.As for now, I think Im gonna go sleepy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was a dark & freezing night...........

I arrived as they were loading up. We gathered inside in the warmth of his home. One by one I met many new people & saw again some I already knew. Son we loaded up & headed for the ritual area. A dark & open area, you could see the outlines of the labyrinth on the ground below. In the center stood a large stone ritual altar. We were told at times you would find offerings on it left by others.
We gathered round in the wind & cold, our challenge for the nights meditation was to discover why we were there. As we wound around the path of the labyrinth, we were to contemplate on where we were going this year & how we were going to make those changes & how those changes would affect not only us, but others as well. I wont go into more detail, but although it was cold, the sky was dark & clear & full of stars & the crescent moon shone exceptionally bright. It was beautiful.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Talk about jumping in with both feet!

So on new years I talked of wanting to be more active in the local community. Well............I guess it's true. you'd better be careful what you ask for. I asked Goddess & my guide to direct me to oppurtunities to be more active & boy did she ever! It appears I'm going to be taking over the Tulsa Children's Circle, at least for the time being, also ESBAT;local public full moon rituals, so 2x a month, I'm OUT there. LOL. not only that, were taking over the hosting & maintenance of the ESBAT website. I'm also joining up with a local group. the Winged Serpent Medicine Clan. I'm excited about being part of a group now, Ive been solitary soooooooooooo long. I'm going to the 1st meeting tonight, Ill fill in on details later.

On a more private note, me & the girls went down to the river Friday. I had a wonderful time & they did too. We ran, jumped, played, chased, went down slides, & walked along the rivers edge. Such a feeling of peace out there. We took bread & seeds & fed the ducks that were there. The girls had them eating from their hands & even got to pet them! it was amazing.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's been awhile since I blogged. bad me. Tonight was a blast. We *finally* had our office Xmas party. We went to Michael Fusco's Riverside Grill. A little too ritzy for my taste but they had an open bar. LOL
Tomorrow should prove interesting around the office. Several were pretty trashed. Heather was flipping me off left & right, Sharon was tipsy, Kristy was a total hoot & Vicky was over the top. Joe , at one point, was screaming at the people in the kitchen cuz they were reallllllllllly slow with our food. When you pay 750. to reserve a room for an office party, the service had better be good. He paid that plau the bar tab & the food costs. Im sure he was out at least 1500, if not more.
I feel better than i have in awhile, was feeling pretty draggy all day & was thinking about sittig it out. Glad I went.