Monday, December 29, 2008


Woww...wow.....it's been a long time since ive posted & I feel neglectful. A lot of things have changed. Xmas & Yule have come & gone & another new year is almost here. I'll be 38 in just a few months. Yuck. Somehow Im not too excited. LOL
My daughtwers will turn 14 & 9 this year as well. Kayla's bday is just weeks away.
Still unemployed, so thats makig things tough. I have an iterview tomorrow morning though, so hoping for the best of luck there. Abigail has already bestowed her good luck charm upon me. it worked last time!
Xmas went well for the girls, they made out like thieves, as usual, but this year was very different. If not for the benefactors that helped us out, there would have been nothing. Between the CL ad & KTUL spotlighting us, things worked out well. I dont know where wed be without the help. Likely homeless.
Weather has been very weird here. 20's one night, 60's the next day. Just weird. I wish itd pick a temp & hang out with it awhile, preferably in the cooler temps too, kill off some of the bug population. We had a horrendous dealing with fleas & ticks this past year. poor cats. Hopefully we have gotten the worst of it under control.
REALLY hoping for thi s job I interview for tomorrow. Its w/ Mortgage Clearing. Back to the field I was working in. I honestly dont care what Ill be doing anymore, as long as im working & getting paid. Unemployment is ok but I want a real job with a real paycheck. Sick of being behind the 8 ball & feeling unproductive.