Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thawing out the iceberg & a lonely okie mom

Finally convinced the Ice King to tone down the A/c . 71 degrees outside & he was getting the room down to 56! & he'd still sweat! Holy crap!
So its a tolerable 65 in here, feels warmer almost. Im not shivering, my lips arent blue, I can feel my extremeties & the icicles seem to be melting. You can no longet double the bedroom as a meat locker!
My eldest has been gone to a short overnigfht camp since tuesday, its been wayy too quiet without her here making her sister scream. I think my little one misses her, she mopes arounbd the house. This is also the girls' weekend at their Dad's, so i wont see my older girly til Sunday. Sad lonely here...:-(