Friday, September 14, 2007

So it's A friday Night

& I am beyond bored. Listening to the 'ol man' watching Men in Black & freezing my ass off. yes, I am freezing in September in Oklahoma. Why? You may ask. Because I am engaged to a polar bear. Truly. I . Am.
He sweats at 65 degrees! I am NOT joking. I wish I was. We have this gi-normous wall unit A/c mounted right thru our wall. It's incredible, the thing can get our bedroom (yes the A/c is ONLY for our bedroom) down in the 50's. I am shivering, boob-sicled, blue lipped cold & hes running around half dressed. Did our Creator play a rotten joke on me?
Me....the cold natured, hands & feet always cold one, paired up with the Ice King?

Anyhoo....life can be interesting. Tomorrow on my day off, when My body screams at me to sleep in late, I committed to the Race for the Cure. Sigh..............it's a good cause right?
I like being lazy!
But alas, early I will rise & trek out to Citiplex to walk, hahahahaha, i am NOT racing, for a cure. I should be a teeny more enthused. I should right?

But Ice King is working & the girls are at their Dad's house & My Mom, who lives with us, is working as well. I would be......(do I dare say it?) alone.........
I can't remember the last time I was alone. I do good to remember this morning, for that matter. But I think 'alone' ends when you have kids. Funny...I had to get a divorce to get alone time.