Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ramble on

Long time no post again.
Still no baby, a few leads so far so we shall see how that proceeds.

Went to Ostara last Friday, just me & the girls, nice....needed that. IM doing some things on my own possibly tonight.

other than that......not much

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

so its been awhile updating. getting good at that.......
Baby is still missing, no idea where she is at the moment, moved the niece here a couple weekends ago & now shes filing for the custody in tulsa court system. Im hoping there will be a lot easier movement thru our system than the redneck backwoods town of Ponca City. What a joke they were. Hopefully we'll have news soon.
the house fell thru, the car fell thru, getting credit right now is a bitch, so we'll both be working to re establish our credit to a higher score. Sigh......pain in the ass I tell ya
Seems my old alma mater is working on a reunion for this year. ACK! reunion when Im fat?
OMFG haha On a side note, I do find it amazing how several people who wouldnt have anything to do with me in high school are now trying to friend me on facebook. Hmmmmmmm Interesting. If you ask & get denied I dont give a crap about ya.lol

On another note, its bene interesting catching up with a few that I havent seen since then. Some I wished Id kept touch with. A few, it's amazing how much life has changed them. I suppose Ive changed quite a bit as well.
things at home have been....interesting. Again, if you have access to my other blog, read on for an eyeful.