Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pit of Death, Part Deux

I'm still in here. I think I'm trapped in the neverending project. Currently blogging yet again from the kids room. Currently avoiding finishing up. BLEH, I'm sick of this room.Going thru the 10+ containers of little crap she has accumalated in 12 yrs. Closet is clean, clothes are hung, books on the shelf, new tv stand in place & neat & tidy. Not like it will stay this way long. Poor kid, shes a clutterbug, or a slob.....If I can get that done, the new containers organized & floor vacuumed, I'll be done, the rest will be her problem, & since shes still grounded from online, that shouldnt be a problem time-wise eh?
Why is she grounded? Schoolwork, Middle school has corrupted my honor roll student, she'd rather goof off, read or draw instead of her assignments. YES I KNOW Geography is very boring but oh well, get over it. Now I know why some animals eat their young....