Friday, September 21, 2007

Things that piss me the hell off

1-Idiots who think they are allowed an opinion in politics but do not vote
If you want to jump in the political arena, pay the damn admission price, research the topics at hand and VOTE!

2-Assholes who procreate but won't be a parent
These idiots piss me off so much I could spit like a biker with a mouth full of tobacco! I go to just about any store & hear them shrieking & whining & throwing themselves in the floor. You are the PARENT, grow some balls, smack Jonny or Janie's little ass & do your job. It makes me want to VOMIT hearing some pussy-assed parent whispering "Now Jonny, be a good boy & get up off the floor"

3-People who drive 30mph in a 45 mph zone
If you can't drive, get the hell off the road, period. If youre scared to drive the speed limit, you have no business driving. PERIOD.

4-Hypocrites who criticize how you clean but won't lift a sacred finger to help.
These assholes make my blood boil, they can come into your house, or room, & point out things that should be done differently, or should be done at all, yet theyre the very same ones who make the biggest damn messes & leave them for other's to clean up.

(this space reserved for even more shit that pisses me the hell off)
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