Thursday, September 27, 2007

Workblogging Part 2 & Anonymous comments

Feel a teensy bit guilty blogging from work yet again. Theres a few things I could be doing but I did get a lot done this morning, so...............Anyhoo, so this morning I check my email & theres a request to approve a comment. AN anonymous comment. Hmmmm, seems my little troll buddy has struck again. For those of you familiar with the groups I hang in, it's also more well known as Kenzie Knights. Do a google.LOL He just can't shut up. Seems he replied to my Yeah I'm drunk post. He felt the burning need to mention that" it was good I didnt have my kids with me instead of beating on them like I normally do." Note in point: Anyone who knows me knows of my unfailing & unconditional love 'in love' for my girls, so no worries there.So here's a big F*ck you Kenzie. Keep making stupid comments, it only makes you look stupid.& have a nice happy fucking day.


tera said...

I LOVE that Kenzie Knights site, that's a real hoot! Who made that?
it's great! He started trolling on some group I used to be on, the owners threw him out on his as** real quick. he went by hannigan there though.