Saturday, September 15, 2007

The pit of death

Or more commonly known as my 12 year old daughter's room......sigh. It's scary in here. I'm currently blogging from her room. So far an entire bag of trash. Who knew almost teens were this junky? There , sitting on her bed now, are about 10 various containers(baskets, crates, boxes, etc) of small assorted items. WHY? WHY? WHY is she such a packrat? I have found about 10,000 pieces of paper that she's drawn on. Saving them?

Umm no.

She has clothes & shoes she hasn't worn in 2 years;just all kinds of assorted & odd things in here.

So why am I cleaning her room instead of making her do it?

Cuz I am a sucker, I also want to get her room painted, I have had the freaking paint since February! Anyways........I have confirmed that she does indeed, have a carpeted floor. SHe also seems to have a bed like device in her room, Im working on unburying it.

Meanwhile in the living room, the war rages on....OK, so it's not a war, it's the 6 month old kitten, also known more affectionately as Shiite Muslim terrorist kitty. (no offense meant), this cat can scare the bejeezus out of the most stoic Marine. I.Am.Not.Kidding.

He's evil, I tell ya, pure evil, but in the guise of a blue eyed Siamese mix, looks awfully affectionate & cuddly, but as soon as you turn your back, he sinks his fangs or claws into some unsuspecting exposed body part. I have Satan living in my house.