Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Why's

Why is it that........
1-Tube socks are called tube socks when there doesn't appear to be any "tubing" involved?
2-Retailers constantly tantalize us with sales that end in 99 cents, when we have all figured out that $19.99 means twenty dollars anyway?
3-"Oreo cookies" became one of the worst pejoratives for black men and women in this country?4-People think of Labradoodles as "boutique dogs" or "unique dogs" when they are really just glorified mutts because of their pedigree?
5-There is nothing really "special" about something listed as a "special" at a restaurant?
6-We can cure major illnesses, but we can't crack 22 divided by 7?
7-Most freeways are no longer free and highways were never really high?
8-We constantly mistreated, abused and murdered Chiefs of Native American tribes and still think it's okay to refer to the President as the COMMANDER IN CHIEF?
9-Candidates are no longer candid? (and never really were)
10-Midwesterners, like me, refer to soda as "pop"?
11-Pants are plural & bra is singular?

Just some stuff to think about...a little food for thought this Wednesday.