Friday, September 14, 2007

Possums & the trashman

So we have this closet where the furnace lives. A big ugly hulking metal furnace, it's also the A/c condenser (or however you spell it). It has tubes going under the house, those tubes go into holes cut into the floor, some dumb redneck ass didn't cover the holes very well...............they're smallish holes, but smallish enough .....well, I'll get to that.
I go out in the hall, where said closet resides, one of the cats is nose to ground at the door. I shoo cat away, figuring on some creepy little bug got in & is staking his claim in there. I shoo cat away again & again & again......finally I shudder at the thought of seeing said creepy bug & yank the door open & the cat gets smacked back in the process. What to my wondering eyes should appear?
A miniature sleigh?
A creepy bug?
A DAMN POSSUM! HOLY CRAp! A Possum. In Tulsa, I mean RIGHT in the middle of Tulsa, MIDTOWN TULSA. A Possum.......
Then I blink, not one, but two. COunt 'em! Two possums in my furnace closet. What do you do with a possum? Possum Stew?
Nope, I put a call in to my trusty animal control place. What?
They close after 5 pm?
But I have a POSSUM!
So what do they send?
A policeman.....sigh........I can hear it now....a call comes thru on the police radio that a house has a small, less than 3 lb intruder...a *&^^&^%&)*(&%% possum!
So the cop comes over, & guess what?
Just as he opens the door & I think this creepy little critter is going to launch out at him & sink his gnashing fangs into the cop, he opens the door to....NOTHING. Yep, of course, well, at least I gave that cop a good laugh for the night!

Unlike the laughs I had this morning, when, for the 2nd week in a row, the trashman did NOT pick up the can of trash we delivered to the appropriate place near the curb. I called to lodge my unending complainta about this 'fine citys' wonderful trash collectors & they say t was becasue it had (ick) fly larva in the can. Well. if they had picked it up last week as they were supposed to, they wouldnt BE THERE!