Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1st

Today is the 1st day that has felt somewhat 'fall-ish'. I am going to pull out all my halloween decorations & go to town tonight, getting them all up. I can't wait! I love halloween/Samhain! this is my absolute favorite holiday & time of year. I love the way the wind feels in your hair, that slight undertone of chilliness, the way the leaves start falling & rustling around with the wind, I love to hear the wind Whoosh against the front door. I love the mystery surrounding Halloween & the spiritual rush I get from Samhain. THis is my actual new Year for those of you that aren't familiar with it. My goals for this year is to get the family back on track as a whole, (my other blog that a few of you have access to will be detailing those issues).
I've been helping BB get her stuff moved, she will be storing some things here & come back for them in a month or so, once they get settled into their own place in galveston. Damn, I'm really going to miss her. I hate talking on the phone too, Im glad theyll at least have some online access. Gouibg to be weird not having a sister here. Shes moved out of state before, once to Arkansas & one time before to Texas, but this will be for good. :(