Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So I came across this rant blog over here. & the more I read it the more I agreed. So I have to add some more. (hehehehe, you know I love to rant, kind of get a 'oomph' from it). So in Okie mom true style, here we go...............

Nasty pigs who live in my house:

You like to bitch about others hygiene & housekeeping habits but fail to look at your own messes. Look around, See the trash?

the pop bottles?

Ooooh , are those liquor bottles?

cig packs?

In the floor?


Whats that you say?

laundry in the floor?

Whose laundry?

OH GASP, its YOURS! What about the crumbs, dirty dishes, candy wrappers by the living room chair?

You forgot?

There's a trashcan 3 feet away.......

You forgot to turn the tv off?

You walked right by it. & you cringe when we have $700. electric bill!

You complain because you saw some bug, well , how about cleaning up , or taking the damn trash out once in awhile instead of just bitching?

Whats that you say?

That's the kids job?

Wouldn't kill you to help now would it? What do you do around here?

Wash up some laundry & PUT IT AWAY? Why not straighten up the living room, or even clean a toilet?& hey, while you're at it, how about you clean the carpet where you vomited last week & sprayed the wall too? Now about those cats.................if you brush cats, they don't shed so much, if you vacuum , you don't have hair flying everywhere. Hmmmm.....what a concept....brushing the cats, I believe its called responsibility. Whats that smell?

Why i do believe its the litterbox. BLECH, i don't have a cat, the girls clean the boxes i their own rooms, they sometimes clean the ones out here, as do I, why don't you?

You wont do it unless I get pissed off. You have a stroke if someone forgets to flush, but the cats need to crap in a box full of shit?

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, somethings wrong with that picture.Oh yeah, the picture is of a bunch of pigs in my house.