Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am sooooo tired. This whole time change bullshit sucks. I love feeling like IM sleeping in , in the mornings, but the day draggggggggggggggggs so bad , especially in the afternoon. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
I need to get outside this weekend, but have TONS to do before Ice King's mom & step dad come down. Sigh............in-laws................ Need I say more?
Hopefully it won't be too bad. Theyre scheduled to be here on Sunday, I.K. has his surgery on Monday, then they leave on Tuesday. I can run away tuesday but will be at the mercy on sun & monday. Have sooooo much to do, need to get the entire house cleaned from top to bottom, work on a few projects there, We're going to rip the carpet up in the liv room & expose the hardwood floors. hopefully theyre not in terrible shape. No clue whats waiting for us, but its got to be better than the carpet thats there now. Gonna muck out the girls' rooms too, theyre scary.....remember my Pit of Death post? All over again. When we painted, I never got their rooms re-organized so they're toal messes now. Wheeeeeee
I cant say much tho, our room isnt much better, especially since our closet threw up all over the bedroom.......
Well, thats a little drastic, actually the cat did it, yes you heard me right, the cat killed the closet. The closet cieiling anyway, he found a way to access the attic one night & the attic stairs(which inhabit our room) descended on their own (so we thought) one night. I almost peed the bed! The cat rode the stairs down! Then a few nights later, he got into the closet, we hadnt seen him all day, apparently he found a way into the attic yet again, this time he brought part of the closet ceiling down. Now we have this nice big open hole to our attic & the air coming off it is like a refrigerator. But hey, it saves on the A/c bill right?


Tora said...

ROFLMAO at the cat in the ceiling. too funny!