Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Getting sentimental sitting here reading about Christmas gifts. My grandma, without fail every year, sent us a good sized box of gifts, she usually didn't get their names right but I loved every word she wrote. She was the most practical person i ever knew. Never threw anything away & even folded her trash to make less to throw away. I have soo many memories of spending summers with her. I can remember countless days of sitting under her hand made large dining room table that my grandfather made & playing with paper dolls she had painstakingly cut out with me from Sears & JC Penney catalogs. I would be entertained for hours. I remember spending hours admiring her paintings & watching her paint & design them. I was utterly fascinated. She sparked a lifelong interest in art for me. I intend to take back up my pen & begin to draw again, id love to paint as well. She used to sit for hours & tell the most interesting stories of her younger days, the things she had experienced. I'd give anything for more time to listen.