Monday, October 15, 2007

The end is almost here...

Busy weekend! This was BB's last weekend here. So as a last ditch effort, she agreed to spend some time helping out at my house. We switched rooms with mom & My oldest Okie girl, giving Mom a bit more room in the way the room is shaped, we also drug everything out of her room & painted it the prettiest aqua color. Then if that wasnt insane enough, we proceeded to paint my little Okie girl's room too. A pretty pale pink. Both girls were absolutely thrilled.Nisey's poor cat was utterly confused though.lol If my mom had known she slept on her pillow with her.........
It was also a weekend of realizations for me. I realized what is truly important to me & what Im willing to sacrifice for happiness. I also came to the realization of just what I will tolerate & where my breaking point is whjen it comes to relationships. I learned a lot about myself this weekend.
On the downside, BB leaves bright & early tomorrow for Galveston. Im sad. :-(
Very sad. The last few weeks shes been here have been a lot of fun at times, like staying up late watching scary movies, late night snacks, or just general working around the house.
I wont get to do it again & that makes me sad.