Saturday, November 10, 2007

I hurt.....and carpet sucks

So damned sore. Ice King is kinda pissed off I pulled up the carpet. the floor looks bad......gonna need a lot of work . Its gonna have to be scrubbed, maybe by hand, mopped, sanded, possibly stained & then finished. UGH, the whole FM/CFS shit is kicking my ass right now too, just wanna lie down & sleep a bit.

meanwhile Terorist Kitty is having a ball. He keeps craling under the padding as I pull it up & tries to go to sleep. Apparently he thinks being cute now makes up for this mornings toilet paper shredding incident. hmmmm...he is kinda cute...


Sam I Am said...

YIKES, what a mess! I do NOT envy you!
On the other hand, the Terrorist Kitty is awfully cute!:-)

Brina said...

Well said.