Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carpet Sucks part deux

So all the carpets up, the tack boards are up & revealed the floor beneath. Oh my.......
It was in worse shape than Id realized. Sigh.
There were paint splatters, & the finish had worn off in many places & numerous staples all over. Damn
So I commence to scrubbing. The paint comes up. Nothing to be done bout the finish being gone. The staples remain but not for long. They're my next project.
Its not too bad. getting a big throw rug to put over the worst spots. & using a dark colored scratch cover to blend in the lighter places with the darker. ultimate goal is to sand it down & refinish the whole thing but we'll have to be out for awhile before we can do it. it will be worth it. The floor itself is a light oak wood & the boards are actually in pretty good shape, minimal cupping & just a few scratches. Although I don't think it has seen a mop in about 15 years.Yuk.
The water was like mud.....
Anyway, ill take a few pix tomorrow & post em. Toodles!