Friday, October 5, 2007

12 year old 'wisdom'/ Workblogging....

Yesterday BB picked my girls up from school. After bringing them up here to 'beg' for soda from the machine (lol), she took them to a local play park. At this park is a large teeter-totter. My sisters eldest daughter was on one end & my eldest on the other. BB was standing somewhat behind her, unbeknownst to my daughter. Every time the teeter-totter would come down, hitting the ground , my daughter uttered quietly "My ass." Catching BB's interest, she stepped closer. "My ass." Plop "My Ass."Plop. "My ass." "Hmmmmmmmmmmm", BB thought. She came up closer to her & at just that moment, the totter hit the ground pretty hard "My f*cking ass." BB's eyebrows shot up at that utterance & she said "What did you say?"
So my 'witty' potty-mouthed child repeated it loud & clear.Sigh............. So much for humility.
Then she adds" I don't seewhy people make such a big deal out of cussing. They're just words. Words like any other words. Words aren't that big of a deal."
So I have to ponder. Are they just words?
We have heard the old rhyme "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" I have likely said that rhyme more than a thousand times. So why DO we make a big deal out of cussing.
Now I'm not condoning the usage of the swear words by a 12 year old child, but I do have to think on her opinion. Thoughts anyone?


Cissy said...

Nice photo. Ever had the urge to snap that finger off?
I don't care if my kids cuss, as long as it isn't done so out of disrespect, like calling someone names other than joking, or slurs meant to demean someone else.

Mike said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I can SO see my kid doing that too!