Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday (ok it's really Tuesday but it's Monday at work) Musings

It was an interesting weekend...............Let's tally up all the itnteresting things:
1) bandaged a cat's ass
2) argused amongst ourselves
3) laughed so hard I cried
4) re-bandaged a cat's ass
5) watched my sister bandage a cat's ass
6) watched my mother trum us all at bandaging the cat's ass
7) had a decent time at the State Fair
8) wormed a cat (different cat!)
9) didn't get enough sleep
10) organized & cleaned house
11) did an obscene amount of laundry
OK, the bandaged ass cat, has gotten into some S&M shit & likes to chew on herself, we got a new kitten back in May, said kitten introduced fleas to our previously flea free other 4 cats.2 of them decided to have a flea allergy, both are looking kind of sad at the moment. The little female kitty, Angel, kept biting & chewing her hindquarters & refused to stop, wed medicate & medicate, they'd almost heal. Chew. Chew. Chew. Start it all over again. Even the vet was at wit's end. So we got the idea the other night , bandaged her butt & tied it off with an ace bandage. Looks like she's almost diapered.lol, but so far seems to be working.
The other cat dropped some weight & his coat looks dull, so hoping worming will do the trick for him & he'll perk back up.
Being there were 10 people in my house at any given moment over this weekend, bickering was bound to happen. 10 people & 5 cats.....you take your pick, we all probally argued at some point & time. Alls well that ends well though. BB's youngest daughter & her fiancee are back at Job Corps & today BB & the 2 older ones went off for some day labor to make a little extra cash before their move.
I can't say how much I have enjoyed them all being there though. Probally bad timing, probally too cramped, but it's nice to get some extra time with them before they're far, far, away. I do have to say sleeping arrangements have been like stacking up cordwood.lol

All in all, a fairly good weekend.