Monday, October 8, 2007

Fair deal?

We went ahead & attended the State fair today, however, we refused to ride any of the rides. With the number of accidents (at least 5) just in the past week & not to mention the forced removal of Bell's Amusement park, that is just staying on my boycott list.
We walked the livestock barns, went all thru the Expo center even tho it was hot as Hades), got rained on (a state fair tradition....), & ate some artery clogging fair food. There were several 'interesting' items I didnt dare try. Cheese on a stick & spam on a stick (fried, corn dipped spam -puke). We did do the obligatory corn dogs & funnel cakes. UGH, enough grease for a month or 2 there, but they were goooood. Something about the cool air, the smells , the sounds, that makes it all taste better. Last years fair was much better. Bell's was still there, we went at nightime & the midway just felt so different. I really mourn Bells being gone. it sucks.:(
On a different subject, I got a haircut Friday. Did something for myself for a change. Got it shortened some & layered up, it's really cute. Nice to pamper oneself every now & then. Maybe I'll get brave & post a photo later. LOL
On the homelife front, BB & her brood are still her. It's been rather tense of late, as I type, there are 10 people i this 4 bedroom house. It's crowded & 10 people eat more than 5, but all in all, I am glad they're spending this last bit of time here. I am really going to miss them.


Lila said...

The fair sucks without bells! Randi miller should be shot!