Saturday, October 20, 2007

Been Awhile

So I've been slacking. I haven't posted here in a bit. It's been pretty busy though. Haven't heard directly from BB yet, they're trying to get settled in down there. I spoke to Chris,BB's son with whom they're staying with . Seems they had a little bit of car trouble on the way down. Chris came to the rescue, as soon as he got there, the car started right up. LOL
As my ex-stepdad always says" it's not the car, it's the driver."
Anyways, BB's eldest daughter & her fiancee are working for Chris now doing roofing & apparently they love it. Hopefully, the $ will start rolling in for them & BB will find another job doing eldercare, like she was doing before. She had a great love & affinity for working with old folks.
Today, BB's youngest daughter came over, her & a friend & will stay for the weekend. Wonder how I can slave 'em while they're here? LOL
Me, Jeff & the girls are going to Oktoberfest tonight. Should be fun.I like looking at all the vendors, The girls will likely want to do the Chicken dance......Not sure there's enough beer there to make me do it. LMAO


Anjel said...

Bock! Bock! Bock! Bock! Do the chicken dance! Oktoberfest is ALL about getting drunk & making an ass of yourself! I do it every year!