Sunday, October 21, 2007


had a great time today! Me & my transplanted Okie man packed up the Okie girls & headed out to Oktoberfest. There was great German music, beer, dancing, chocolate covered everything, beer, rides, beer & of course, as goes with Oktoberfest, there was beer. Jeff, the Ice King, was our designated driver, & I could have done it too for the free pepsi(lol) but I left my ID at home. So no free pepsi or beer for me. Oh well, not fond of beer anyway.

The rides were quite overpriced & due to the shutting down of a few of them, I wasn't too sad about skipping them altogether. We saw all kinds of dancing, Kayla thinks she wants to learn German/Irish style dancing & Abi & I are thinking about belly-dancing lessons. What great fun that will be!

Winding down now to a quiet night, can't wait til next year!


Tora said...

Oktober fest rocked. I probally saw you there!