Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Workblogging part 1564132156456132154561

Oh my! I am just stuffed. Someone from one of the private mortgage insurance companies brought the entire office lunch from Johnny Carino's. Yummmmmmmmmmmm
Can't beat free food & good free food at that!
Today will have to be my diet free day. lol
I'll have to be good the rest of the week & depending on the weather, Ill get my ass out on the bike too. Do plan on walking though.
Talked to BB last night, she's been quite sick, completely lost her vopice, she's finally on the up end of it. They're all moved into her own apt now. IM so happy for her. She got a decent job at a hotel, rebuilding her life in paradise, just across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. Awesome view there. It's been pretty quiet lately, at least since our last counseling thing. That was.....well...it was. How about icky?
Can I say it was icky?
Anyhoo, things are quiet now, the OKie girls are doing better in school, the rooms are cleaner, dont know what else to add. lol