Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Up all night.....up all day?

YAWNnnnnnnnnnnnn......Here it is, almost 12:30 & Im wide awake while Ice King snoozes happily away just a mere few feet from me. UGH
NOT fair!
I swear, he can go to fully conscious to dead on snoring in .2 seconds!
The Okie girls are both doing much better, the job stuation still hasnt changed, no decision on what to do. The diet is going fairly good. Im down 2 lbs. Not much but a start. Mostly just watching what i eat & parking further away @ work. Also trying to do yard work for exercise. I may break out one of my DVD's. lol
After I get paid, Im calling the Belly dance place. me....belly dancing....imagine that.lol
Night all