Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Peace & geese

Got off a bit early today after leaving the courthouse, so I took the time to go down to the river for a bit, needed some time to ground some energy & just relax a bit.

I go down to a nice little area near 21st street where you can get right down to the water. There was a nice place to sit & watch the water go by. Theres also a small beack, or riverbank actually. But its sandy(muddy) & some large rocks there. it is also occupied by about 50-60 Canadian geese & Mallard ducks. beautiful creatures. I sat there a long time watching them swim & play & chase each other. I felt my stresses slipping away & my sadness that i had been feeling floating away as well. I wandered down to the riverbank beach & sat on a large rock, my feet about 2 or 3 feet from the water lapping at the edges. The geese never flew away or acted scared. I talked to them softly. I also drew a large banishing pentacle in the sand to ward off all neativity from the area so they can keep living there in peace. Theres a nice flat area that would be wonderful for doing spelwork & its fairly secluded but accessible. I think I found my nature spot. I will be going back. Next time Ill go armed with trash bags to clean up some of the litter I saw in the area, I'll also take food for the geese & ducks as an offering. May take some things & do spellwork as well.

it was so peaceful there. perfect spot. I could feel all the elements there. I felt the sun shining down warm on me, the wind blowing thru my hair, the water lapping at my feet & the sandy earth beneath my toes. I also found spirit. Spirit in those beautiful birds.