Friday, January 11, 2008

Ducks & geese & trash , Oh my!

I went back to visit my ducks & geese friends today. As I walked out there, armed with a trash bag, a bag of lentils & a small satchel of ritual supplies, I felt the peace I had felt before returning almost instantly. The ducks & geese were there, as were a few visitors. 2 men sat talking up a ways from where my 'space' was. I just smiled 7 went on about my business. As I approached the birds started to move towards the water, until I tossed a handful of lentils t them. Quacks & honking & mass feeding ensued. So I sat down on the steps leading to the water & tossed a few more handfuls. Some of the mallards got braver & I eventually had them eating from my hand! beautiful birds, bright greens, blues & purples in their feathers & such orange webby feet. beautiful.

So I went on down to my place I sat before, on the rocks before the water, continuing to feed them. They seem to have accepted my presence as non harmful. :o)

After I had tossed all the feed I had, I pulled out my supplies, reaffirmed my pentagram I had traced in the sand earlier, drove a crystal in the center & buried a stone at the 4 cardinal points. I also burned some incense as I invited the elements to that location. As I called each one, I could feel the strength of those elements there with me. After I was done, i gathered as much trash as I could get in the bag & disposed of it properly. Never ceases to amaze me what nasty creatures humans can be, no thought at all how their littering ways can harm Earths creatures.

When i was done, I wrote in the sand, "Earth where we came from, Earth where we'll go, Welcome as you welcomed us long ago" My next trip out, I'm taking the girls for some more cleanup & feeding. Soon they ll recognize us all. I also hope to have that entire stretch cleaned up soon. I plan on warding the area, so no more littering will occur & also for the safety of the flock.