Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's been awhile since I blogged. bad me. Tonight was a blast. We *finally* had our office Xmas party. We went to Michael Fusco's Riverside Grill. A little too ritzy for my taste but they had an open bar. LOL
Tomorrow should prove interesting around the office. Several were pretty trashed. Heather was flipping me off left & right, Sharon was tipsy, Kristy was a total hoot & Vicky was over the top. Joe , at one point, was screaming at the people in the kitchen cuz they were reallllllllllly slow with our food. When you pay 750. to reserve a room for an office party, the service had better be good. He paid that plau the bar tab & the food costs. Im sure he was out at least 1500, if not more.
I feel better than i have in awhile, was feeling pretty draggy all day & was thinking about sittig it out. Glad I went.