Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tonight's parade

We went to the PSO parade of Lights tonight. Nice & cold, perfect for a parade. Jeff, the Ice King didn't wear a coat, or even a long sleeve shirt, the dork, of course he probally thought it was warm til the drizzle started. blech. Abigail was going numb & Kayla said she couldnt feel her toes.LOl
Abi went back to the car w/ jeff. me & jess & kayla stayed longer. They had several large balloon floats, lighted floats, marching bands & horse drawn wagons, also service dogs, cute little poodles & even Alpacas! I should have lots of photos uploaded by tomorrow, left the camera in the car & too damn cold to go get it.
Weather turned tonight finally, were currently getting freezing rain. YUCK, I wouldnt mind snow, but this shit sucks.