Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 5 of no electricity......We're still alive, havent froze to death yet, tho tonight may be the kicker where we wake up as popsicles. Supposed to rain some more tnonight & turn into snow as the morning comes. Pray for us. Really. We need it. Keep hoping we'll get home & it will be on, but no such luck. We're surviving by boiling water on the gas stove top(thank god for that!). It seems to dissipate the heat better in the house. Wasnt so bad when i was home all day (mon-wed had no power @ work) but not getting any heat going ti 5:30 blows. All food in the fridge & freezer is a total loss, had a lot of meat in there......
We have no generator, & down to 1 flashlight. Jeff charges up the backupbattery pack for the servers at work by day & we get limited light or a short bit of tv, its a little slice of heaven & civilization. You cant get ice, batteries, flashlights, blankets, anything of the like in local stores, we'd have to travel almost to Siloam Springs for them. It sucks really. Buit Ive gotten some good of it, Ive spent some quality time w/ my kids & Ive gotten more sleep than ever.