Monday, December 31, 2007

'tis the Season to be puking....

twas the night before new years
& all thru the house
not a creature wasn't puking
ahhh hell, forget it.
Both girls are sick, Kayla has a monster toothache, she had dental work on Thursday & they were attempting to build up a bad tooth she has, well, they failed, they're saying she needs a root canal now, shit, I don't think she can take any more pain. Shes been doped on darvocet & codeine all weekend but still hurting.
Abigail has some stomach bug or something. no clue yet. I never rush to Dr's unless it doesn't pass soon or home remedies dint relieve it, unless its something serious. I think the human body has an amazing way of healing itself & ANTIBIOTICS ARE OVERUSED & OVERRATED.

I had plans to go out to a friends & party a little for NY Eve. Ah well, not really in the mood, Jeff's trying to figure out whats up w/ the vonage box, as out phones are down for some weird reason.
Work was boring, every other company in the free world that we work with was closed, so our being open was pointless. Oh well, easy $ right?