Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back from the frozen tundra......

Well, we have power finally, 6 days without really makes you think & contemplate on how much you take for granted & whats really important. Like heat....& light.Last 2 days were COLDDDDD, but apparently not cold enough to keep the food in the fridge & freezer cold & frozen. Sigh....we'd just stocked up to & its all got to be thrown out. Oh well, right? Most streets are cleared, still some branches on some of the smaller streets though, branches & uprooted & broken trees everywhere. It was beautiful til the trees started crashing. We miraculously did not have any house damage or damage to the power lines to our house. Phones are up now, as is internet & cable. The heater sounded beautiful kicking on!

Very interesting how much you learn about yourself & your family with no tv, no games, no internet. We all slept in the living room, close together, huddled during the evening by candlelight & talked, told stories, me & my older daughter made plans for Yule. By day, we cooked as much of the rapidly thawing food that we could & ate lukewarm by candlelight. thank the Goddess we have a gas range & hot water tank! We boiled water on the stove top to help heat the house & ran the burners. Also lit about 20 candles on the coffee table. (Jeff joked we could have a seance!). It was a calm time, we went to bed early & I likely got more sleep than in a long time. I read books, looked at catalogs, worked on crafts, our 5 cats entertained us too. I too was saddened by the poor trees broken & laying open, naked almost everywhere I look. I cried for the large magnolia next to me. We went out today & found a nice log to use for a Yule log. On our return, the porch light was on! What joy! We yelled & danced theu the house!Tonight its back to normal, but we grew closer during this time.
Check out some photos.