Wednesday, December 5, 2007


What a helluva week it has been. Wow.

Busy Busy Busy too. The whole week after Thanksgiving was ROUGH. Could barely function, just run down & exhausted. Weekend finally rolls around, still running around. Run.Run.Run.

Saturday was errand day & did a bit of Yule shopping. Found a few nice things & got some great craft ideas. Also found some great things to do around the house to make it more 'mine.'

I haven't been really attached to this house, its never felt truly like home, so Ive come to the conclusion, home is what you make of it, so I'm gonna make it mine. If that even makes sense.

Then Sunday, we left early to go get a tree. We got a real one this year, we walked around awhile til one called to us, then when we found the right one, I silently thanked it & asked its permission. I held my hand on it as it was cut down. As it were, i vow next year, were going to get one we can replant.

We finally get it home & get it in the stand & indoors & its time to go again. Every year, Tulsa does 2 biker toy runs. One for the Salvation Army & one for ABATE. Sundays was for Salvation Army. About 1000 bikers showed up, all bearing toys for little kids. What a great thing. We always show up to watch them go by. This coming Sunday is the bigger one sponsored by ABATE. Some friends of mine are even running Security for the event. Were looking at a turnout of about 10,000! It benefits Toys for Tots.

So back to work on Monday & just TIRED, drag-assing. I'm popping my vitamins, drinking more water but keep having to hit the caffeine. UGH, now, here I am, almost 12:30 & I'm not yet in bed. Bleh, gonna be a long day tomorrow & tomorrow I have a courthouse run. At least Ill be out a bit early, that helps, but also makes me step up the pace during the day to get it all done before 2 pm. Ah well, c'est la vie, right?