Saturday, December 22, 2007

I quit.

Ok folks, I quit. I refuse to any longer be sucked into the commercial crap that is the Christmas/ Holiday season.
Wa different this year. I stressed a while over not being able to do the things I wanted to do. ice storm hit us rather hard & a lotnof things havent gotten done & arent going to get done, or get bought. Oh well.
Honestly i wont miss it. Sure its fun to watch the girls tear into gift after gift but whats the point really?
Id rather share memories, make cookies, create the Yule log, sit up late on Yule to watch it burn, & have quiet meaningful convos with my family.
So, the kids get a few gifts this year, the rest of the list can forget about it. We had a nice quiet Yule celebration, took some nice photos of the kids, Ill wrap the few gifts I got tonight, & sit & read & relax w/ a candle burning & make some hot cocoa. What could be nicer?
A stress free year.

Blessed Yule All.