Monday, March 31, 2008

Damn blanket! or Workblogging edition #89746787789984899

So it's Monday. UH huh, it sure is. Looks like Monday (gray & gloomy), smells like Monday (coffee & rain) & sounds like Monday (yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn), well hell, guess it is then. Here I was, hoping for another day of rest.
I had a question for a christian friend of mine the other day & the answer he gave me, well.....wasn't what I was looking for. Christians, most anyway , seem to think 'satan' causes them to do evil. But when they die, theyre supposed to go to hell & be punished. OK, so if satan causes you to 'sin', why would he punish you for doing it?
Seems like theres a big ol party goin on down there, by way of that reasoning.
My way of thinking? A part of me wants t believe in reincarnation, another thinks, when youre dead. Youre D.E.A.D. Thats the end of it. Kind of like the way I feel this morning. Bleh. Just....bleh.
Sleep seems elusive, a hundred million things going on in my head & wont let me sleep, why cant i just tell those ashsoles to STFU, already?Eyes are barely staying open here, keep closing, I swear, I can hear that damn red fuzzy blankie calling me from home. (velvety whispery tones) "Curl up under me.....wrap me around you....let me caress you in my fuzzy warm goodness....."
"Blanket", I say (cuz I talk to it in my head, I'm just cool like that)
"You need to be quiet. Its hard to get work done with you talking"
Mmmmmmmmmm, Im all soft & warm..."
"BE quiet blanket!"
"love me...............cuddle with me.........."
"LALALALALALALA I can't hear you!"(fingers in ears)
Finally I shut that bitch up, by closing my eyes, ACK! I can hear it in my sleep deprived dreams!