Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where ah been....

Oh my it has been an interesting week. I've started walking. Going again today, I really look forward to it & enjoy going. I look forward to getting to where I can jog the 3 miles instead of walking it. The path I take goes up behind my old HS. Its weird. I can recall all the fun we had, all the trouble we got into. I remember skipping class & hanging at Jesse's. 13 people in a red closet anyone?
Also remember walking from the school to Bev's house. Wow, amazing the energy we had as kids. Id love to just go walking thru the school again. I went in when my niece was going there, it was weird. So much had changed, but a lot was still the same. Id just love to walk from class to class like I did before. rushing to & fro, taking steps 4 or 5 at a time, sliding to a halt just as the bell rang.I remember eating ketchupy fries at the smoke hole, or skipping lunch altogether to just talk with friends. The good ol days................lol
Anyhoo, I look forward to working myself back into shape, gonna walk every day that I can, then get back to the gym as well, start hitting the elliptical's, & some of the weight machines as well. I think if I do the weights, Ill build up the muscle mass to keep skin from looking all ick. I've been doing a lot of research on that, I think its possible to lose the weight w/out the nasty flappy skin. It involves replacing fat mass with muscle mass. Skin is very thin anyway, so realistically, when someone has 6 or 7" of 'skin on their abdomen, its not all skin. There's fat there too. Skin is a living growing organ & in most younger people, it should be accommodating the body it covers. So we will see. That's my belief anyway.