Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just bleh

It's been a very blah couple of days. its gray & gloomy & rainy & I've just generally felt like crap. Met up with an old school friend Sunday. that was really nice. WOW, she had changed! But it was still the same Joyce.A little older, a lot wiser, but the same sweet wonderful Joyce inside that she always was. I cant believe we let so many years come between us. Our kids could have grown up together. I am a little sad over that. But there is no time like the present right?
I have also connected with a few other friends too. Cheri, & Bev. It's like meeting them all over again. Cheri's daughter just turned 13 . Nice to connect over teenagers. it's weird. As well, Joyce's daughter is about to turn 13 too. We also each have younger children about the same age. it's strange those little coincidences. I am meeting up with Cheri this weekend for Alex's birthday party. We have been talking thru email a good bit of late & its amazing how much she has changed, funny how time makes people grow up, huh?
I know Ive grown & changed a lot. Bev is different too, yet still Bev. It's nice to have that link to the past be reopened.
But my best best best friend , lives far away. She's the one I can pour my heart out to & I love you Courtney, & not in a "I wanna crawl in bed with you' kind of way.LOL
Anyway, enough sappy shit, I'm tired, I'm sore & i need a shower. Toodles!