Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yeah yeah yeah I know.

I've been a bad girl. Been a busy bad girl.
Kids been sick, I've been sick. Trying to get my house in order, spring cleaning is in full swing @ my house too. I'm in a raging full purge mode. Tossing stuff left & right. How can a household accumulate so much crap?
This Sunday Medicine Clan is doing Ostara. I can't wait. I got a lot out of our last gathering, nice to be with community again.
This coming Friday is Mom's 61st Bday. I want to surprise her , so I intend to get home early & get dinner made, plus pick up a cheesecake @ SAMS. Theirs are uber-awesome. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm (drool).Tomorrow the girls are coming up to work after school to stuff Easter eggs for our office monthly charity & also to help Kendall out w/ her BACA project for Laura Dester shelter. It will be a good thing for the girls to do plus earns Kayla a few hours for her yearly community service she does @ school. This weekend is more cleaning, organizing. I'm tackling the back yard & shed. yuck.
Then NEXT Friday is Ostara @ Chandler w/ Gloria. Cant wait for that one, I'm also gonna give Lee a ride to that.
Then Sat is the moon @ Owen park, I'm supposed to be leading that, not sure if I'm doing it or not as I haven't gotten much feedback from Marc. Hell, I haven't heard from him for a month now. Need to get that site moved as well. Bleh. At some point, I want to make it down to the river too, also get to the gym at least 2x this coming week.
Just been soooooooooooooooo busy.
Diets going good, Down 2 more pounds, sinned a little today, but back on the wagon tomorrow. I feel much better when I eat well. Body just feels cleaner.
We're looking for a new couch too. The one we have was nice at one time. It is a large sectional, tan in color, microfiber, 2 incliner's, fold out bed & all. Mom paid about 1500. for it.Nice....at one time. When I moved out of my home, during my divorce, the ex moved in w/ his girlfriend & moved his trashy brother in the house. Well, when i saw the couch again(when they were gonna throw it to the curb), it looked like it had been rubbed din the dirt. it was filthy, almost black in spots, had cat scratches & some cigarette burns on it. Disgusting. I went ahead & took it, scrubbed & scrubbed it. Found out some of the springs for the bed were gone, the pieces that attached it together were gone, & some places were rubbed the fabric off, the cushion zipper was busted on 2 cushions, & other stuff. i was so pissed. they lived there about 5 months before the house was foreclosed on-since he didn't make the payments like he said he was going to......Oh well.
We looked at several today, we think we found one we like, going back tomorrow to close the deal. :)