Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was a dark & freezing night...........

I arrived as they were loading up. We gathered inside in the warmth of his home. One by one I met many new people & saw again some I already knew. Son we loaded up & headed for the ritual area. A dark & open area, you could see the outlines of the labyrinth on the ground below. In the center stood a large stone ritual altar. We were told at times you would find offerings on it left by others.
We gathered round in the wind & cold, our challenge for the nights meditation was to discover why we were there. As we wound around the path of the labyrinth, we were to contemplate on where we were going this year & how we were going to make those changes & how those changes would affect not only us, but others as well. I wont go into more detail, but although it was cold, the sky was dark & clear & full of stars & the crescent moon shone exceptionally bright. It was beautiful.