Sunday, February 10, 2008

Talk about jumping in with both feet!

So on new years I talked of wanting to be more active in the local community. Well............I guess it's true. you'd better be careful what you ask for. I asked Goddess & my guide to direct me to oppurtunities to be more active & boy did she ever! It appears I'm going to be taking over the Tulsa Children's Circle, at least for the time being, also ESBAT;local public full moon rituals, so 2x a month, I'm OUT there. LOL. not only that, were taking over the hosting & maintenance of the ESBAT website. I'm also joining up with a local group. the Winged Serpent Medicine Clan. I'm excited about being part of a group now, Ive been solitary soooooooooooo long. I'm going to the 1st meeting tonight, Ill fill in on details later.

On a more private note, me & the girls went down to the river Friday. I had a wonderful time & they did too. We ran, jumped, played, chased, went down slides, & walked along the rivers edge. Such a feeling of peace out there. We took bread & seeds & fed the ducks that were there. The girls had them eating from their hands & even got to pet them! it was amazing.