Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Im a bad bad girl . Things have been crazy. Looks like IM not taking over the CHildrens Circle as planned. WHEW! Im relieved, I didnt realllllly want to, but Id have been glad to do it nonetheless, just too many things on my plate right now. Between work & home & the outside things Ive committed to, Id much rather be a spectator at it than the one who is being spectated. Workblogging right now, quiet in here. Yesterday was HELL. I took monday off cuz I had exploding butt syndrome, like half of town seems to have of late. Its either the flu, upper respiratory or some intestinal bug. I got blessed with the latter. lol
So Tues I was still feeling off, but came to work, had a busting headache alllll day. Had a HUGE pile of work. It almost made me cry. I skipped lunch-not that it hurt me- & busted ass all day & got most of it done, leaving only a small bit for today. Went & got mine & Mom's hair done yesterday, the shampoo alone was worth every penny. It felt soo good. Anyhoo, feeling tons better, actually smiling & laughing today, must be feeling human again.