Friday, January 30, 2009

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I have to say Im incredibly bored here. The low pay isn't helping either. I thoughti was going to be working with a loan officer, learning that trade & processing, but Im stuck in post closing. Cant say Im crazy about it. sigh..................
If I was making more & had some kind of benefits, it would be better, I guess. Ah well.
I continue my job search.

Girls are at their dads this weekend. IM sure yet again i wont have my child support til sundathe 1st. even tho according to them im to have it by the 30th & according to court, IM to have it all by the 15th. Maybe I shouldnt complain but it just irks me.
Irks me even more to know hes not actually paying it. Susan is.
Filed taxes the other night. I claimed earned income on both girls, considering Heath hasnt worked a day last year, he has no earned income. Not sure how he was qualifying for it anyhow before, pretty sure he makes over the allowed limit, by the time you threw in his commission & overtime. Jeff made too much for EIC & I think they were fairly on par with income levels.
I didnt claim them both for dependants but I did for EIC & will continue to do so. Nowhere in the decree does it say I cant, just tht he can claim one of them as a dependant. Pretty sure they haver to LIVE with you for that anyhow. He can just get over it.
Hating the feeling that I have no real friends. Friends to talk to on the phone, by email, or just hang with. Any friendship I had with certain person seemed to disappear when we worked together. Coutney is too far away & wrapped in her own life, Cheri & Joyce are AWOL, come to think of it, thats pretty much it. Sad, really.
Maybe Im just on my pity pot today.....
finances......geez, maybe I shouldnt get started. Im making a LOT less than I realized. Thought it would even out with no deductions but it doesnt. Not complaining cuz its better than unemployment but damn. I need mroe money to make ends meet. I dont know how were gonna do it.
Income tax should be in next week, Ill finally be able tog et my eyes done. COntacts are sooo old, Im ashamed to say how old they are. Likely Ive caused damage to my eyes from wearing them so long.:(
Another thing Ill be doing is getting a new gun & getting my CCW. Will be glad to be able to legally carry & be armed. But Id better hurry before the antigun , pro no rights prez takes that away from us too.
Will also have to repair my car. Some ass busted the front bumper & dented my front fender. :(:(:(
Really pisses me off. Gonna cost about a grand to get it done. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Going to try to move too if we can find a place. We shall see.