Friday, January 9, 2009

workblogging again..............& rant

day 5 & still bored, still not in a permanent place. Just hope things speed up some. makes the day go slower when not much to do. bleh.
Jeff's boss is screwing him out of a career move. He'd placed a bid to do wireless internet for a hotel. His boss' company knows jack about wireless setup. Jeff does. So when he won the bid to do the job, he was ecstatic, as it would be a step to his business taking off finally. Well..............boss decided he wants to venture there after all AFTER Jeff got the bid, & since he was going to do the biz as his biz for his job, his job has final say so.
& to top it off, his boss wants Jeff to do the work for him at hourly pay. Refuses to give him a raise, refuses to make him on site, refuses to give him the title of manager even tho he does the job & then some. Hes been working all week 10-14 hour days. For what?
Being screwed over?
What an asshole.

Tomorrow is My oldest's 14th birthday. Unbelievable. Shes growing so fast. Shes such a good kid too.
Im lucky. Wonder how long it will last?