Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, ice-day, taking the day off

I called in today. Not sure how much of it was due to the ice on the ground. I used to walk outside & revel in the wonders of the Goddess & all around. Now I sit in my warm home & barely look out my window. It's a hopelessness. I hate feeling this way. Generally when I am forced to get out of my 'hump', I feel better, but lack the motivation to get out & do it.Recently my daughter faced discrimination from one of her best friends due to her choosing Wicca as her religious belief. It hurts. I hate seeing her confused & upset. I kept her home this past Monday more for that reason than that she said she didn't feel well. Her friend decided that she can no longe rbe friends wth her since she is Wiccan. I don't get it. All along she's known about her beliefs. Now its an issue?She had no problems indulging in the hotel room I rented for her party last weekend, NOW it's an issue. Not cool.But I digress.I dont know where my path will end up, Im having a very hard time believing the things I once believed. I dont like to even put it in the past tense as it makes it seem....final.I dont want to give up, but at the same time I have to follow where my path leads. Anyone else ever had a crisis of spirit?