Friday, January 30, 2009


We have a seperate internet business account for Jeffs biz, its pricy but generally worth the cost, considering all he does on it. Well.........
we get the latest bill & theres a 25. charge on it plus an additional 10. charge for 2 IP addresses. Jeff was told 5 were included at no additional charge.
SO he calls them up. Turns out the 25. is a reconnect fee as I was late on a payment last month & it actually got cut off.
Ok, thats fair I guess. Painful buit I should have remembered to pay it on time, right?
However, they are charging 5. each for the Ip addresses & they now say only 1 is free. Huh?
Then they go on to say we see you actually have 5 IP's. So now you will be seeing another 10. charge for those. so 20. for the 4 IP's that were supposed to be free?
What. The. fuck?