Saturday, April 19, 2008

It never ceases...

...to amaze me the ignorance some people can possess. Take my ex for example. He had forbidden his son to be over here, so we'd meet up in public places like the parks s the kids could be together & I have missed that little boy incredibly. Apparently my little one let it slip somehow that we had met up & he came unglued on his grandmother, whom he lives with. Now his grandma has no issues with him being around me. She knows the truth. She knows that for years, my ex didn't even know where his son lived, not did he ever pay him any attention. So every time he was at our house, a lot of times, every single weekend & holiday, it was me & him & the girls doing things. his dad wanted nothing to do with him, nor being a family. he wouldn't go to picnics, family outings, zoo, none of it. he'd prefer to lie around & stay drunk. My stepson treated me & considered me his other mom, & as far as I am concerned he IS my son. He always will be. I helped raise him for over 6 years, he is a part of my life. I talk to him here & there, not as much as Id like to, but, he is 12 years old now, lol.
So tomorrow we are planning a picnic, & he can't be there because said ex is being a total jackass, as usual. He thinks he is hurting me, he is hurting those kids. All 3 of them. The girls have attempted to ask him about it & he refuses to discuss it with them, as if it doesn't affect or concern them. Whatever.... His grandmother tells me I can visit there anytime Id like to. Well, I'll be doing just that. No worthless excuse for a man will prevent me from seeing my son. I love that little boy.