Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Funny shit & sucky shit & painful shit

Yesterday when I left work, I saw Nancy walking across the lot, so gunned the car like I was gonna nail her. She looked up & ran to the side. I was laughing my ass off. I look back, Arlene has a look of total shock & nancys on the curb holding her chest. OH SHIT! I throw the car in park & go to her to apologize. As I approach her she busts out laughing. Gotcha. UGh, ya bitch.lol I look ahead & my fucking car is rolling by itself towards 71st street, at 5 pm........oh FUCK. I RUNNNNN after it, as fast as a fat girl can run, jerk open the door, only to find miss Debbie behind the wheel. I almost threw her out of the car. How funny. Then ran by Cheri's to get her tax info so I can do her taxes b4 the deadline. Right after leaving, I was about 63/ Yale, I was stopped at a light. Heard screech of tires, started to look back, then heard BANG BANG & Wham. Got hit from behind. Turns out some jerk off going too fast & not paying attention slammed into a van, shoving them into another car, which got shoved into me. Got minor damage to back bumper & now it makes a funky noise , kind of a clunk when im moving, also tailpipe, or something rattles. Fuck. shit. IM sore as hell, back, neck & shoulders fuckign HURT. Have a headache from hell too. The guy behind me had a brand new car, he was on his way to get his tags.....lol, his was BAD, the lady in the back of him, had 2 little girls, miraculously, noone was really hurt much. Her van had the back bumper ripped half off, & front end damage. We say there about 20 min waiting for the cops, no medics ever showed, even th children were involved . grrrrrrrrr. When I was hit, all my papers & shit flew off the dash & visor, throwing my insurance verification somewhere, I couldnt find it anywhere, so by law, I got a ticket for no ins. The guy in the back was cited tho for the accident, basically following too closely, speeding, no ins verification on him(his momy brought it to him-lol) & tags, his were due back in November. Geez. & he was an ORU student. Figures..... I'm still waiting for a call from the fucking ins co, i called them this morning.